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Aiight...I put a little more thought into these shoutouts..and did some digging and found some pics to go with the shoutouts. They old pics but who cares, y'all get the idea. I'll post more as i find them..Much Love


*My sister: We gonna get through this bullshit distance wit gotta deal with...You the only sister I got...and don't make me have to fuck up some 15 year olds...oh yea..I'll beat up they big brova too!!!! WHO WANT IT!!?!?! lol

*J, Julio, and Eugene: When the four of us get together...the world just ain't ready...There ain't no crew that can fuck with us. I'm lookin forward to what's gonna happen in the next couple years as we finish school and step into the real world

*Grandpa, Abeula, Titi Francis, Titi Connie, Titi Carmen, Julie-Grace, and all the little seeds running around in Brooklyn: I love y'all to death

*Sheena: Congrats on being one of the few people I know who graduated. College is gonna be mad easy for you. Be easy with the liks and the pothead!!


*Boogie: What up nigga...Good lookin for the hip hop knowledge you dropped on me...96-98 was hot..Big up to sal's hook up and your collection of videos...oh..and ham and cheese hot pockets...

*David: You been around since 2nd I have to shout you out. Always remember this quote "'s the cause and solution to all of life's problems"

Hip Hop Shouts:

*Bobbito Garcia a.k.a. Cucumber Slice: Good lookin for being a positive figure in the Puerto Rican community. Even though you will probably never see this...I represent the CM Fam crew and Fruitmeat Records to the fullest. Palante Siempre!

*All the Real Hip Hop, Broke Willie Heads: Keep Representing..