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I'm a rapper

what does that mean?

It means i know..baggy pants, bookbags, baseball caps...

Ohh, a backpacker

No a know 40's and blunts, bitches and gats

Ohh, a gangster

No a rapper..i rap..i like shelltoes, breakbeats, kung-fu flicks

Like a b-boy?

Well that's not quite it..I sweat myself, i grab my crotch, i curse a lot

OHH..Your from Brooklyn

No..a rapper but point tooken..I'm ghetto in the suburbs, to white boys i'm a nigga, they paid for my studio time, i'll complain they're fuckin me later...I go to jail a lot, i'm hardcore

A Thug?

It's bugged...I write poetry out of a deep seeded need to be loved, i stand in circles, i roll with crews, I require affirmation, na mean?


I represent..I hold it down in the street

Oh...your gravity

NO..a rapper...i rock lyrics over beats mean a Emcee


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