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Abstract Thoughts

By: Creative


What’s up everybody?? I have returned to hit y’all in the head with some more of my ILLogical thoughts, feelings, etc...I’ve been brainstorming for a while on what I should write about, and usually I just come up with partial ideas here and there. So what I decided to do was just combine everything and post it…So LET THE HATIN BEGIN!!!

*My experience at a Afro-Cuban concert*

My Father and I were at a latin music concert at ASU one time, he had gotten tickets from some co-workers who didn’t even understand what the group’s name meant. So anyway…. We are at the concert…and it’s almost done….when one of the band members says “Si quiere cantar…cantar y si quiere bailar…bailar” Basically what he was saying was “if you want to sing then sing and if you want to dance then dance”. It was at this point that approximately 5,000 uncordinated white people stood up and started dancing, clapping, and tried to sing along with the musicians. How they even know that the group was telling them to dance and sing was beyond me…but the whole experience resulted in one of my top 5 worst headaches ever.

*People who should be hit in the shins with a socket wrench*

-Danny Glover: First this brother is trying to be an activist for black people who can’t catch cabs in New York City…Then I see him modeling clothes for the GAP. What the fuck is this??

-DJ Clue: Not only should he be hit in the shins, but repeatedly in the mouth. Then maybe you won’t be able to shout on songs and completely fuck them up anymore. You are complete trash…I’m glad you got booed at the mixtape awards….and you discovering someone like Fabolous is just proof of how wack you truly are

-Executives at B.E.T: I know white people own b.e.t., but DAMN…I really do agree with the theory that b.e.t doesn’t stand for Black Entertainment Television…but Blacks Embarassing Themselves. You guys get rid of shows like Caribbean rhythms and Planet Groove…and replace them with atrocities like Cita’s World and giving wack rappers their own top 25 countdown. You get rid of Big Lez and Old School Wedensday…and you give us an Iced-out big tigga and the wack ass bassment. Get it together goddamnit!!!

-Fat Joe: You seem to follow the trend of rappers who were hot when the came out…then got on some bullshit…then tried to go back to being a hungry emcee…and just fail miserably. How could you drop some shit called “Jealous One’s Still Envy”…like you takin it back to the days when you was hot…and just do an album that’s even trash to fans of mainstream hip hop? What the fuck were you thinking? Maybe your fuckin baseball cap is on too tight and it’s cutting off curculation to your brain. Who knows?

*Laws that I feel should be eradicated*

1. Assault - Why in the hell is it illegal to kick someone’s ass? Most people who are victims of assault prolly had it coming to them! I think as long as you fuck someone up with your hands and feet, you should be let off.

2. Assaulting a Police officer – If you have the balls to punch a man with a gun and badge that gives him permission to kill yo ass….you deserve to be applauded.

3. Noise Pollution and or Disorderly conduct - Think about it…you don’t have to call the police because neighbors are throwing a loud party because you can now go over and fuck the owner up legally.

4. Alcohol Consumption in public – What’s wrong with drinking in public? They do it at Mardi Gras!! I know in NY, a lot of homeless cats got fucked with for drinkin in public, but for god sakes, WHERE ELSE ARE THEY GONNA DRINK?

5. Prostitution – Now wait…allow me to explain! Getting rid of the law banning this wouldn’t benefit me directly cuz I would never fuck with a hooker. But think about your bosses or teachers who might benefit from the services that a hooker could provide to them? It could be the difference between a raise and getting fired or the difference between a 65 or a failing grade!!

That’s enough for now, kiddies. Distorted Logic forever!!!!