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LatinNick's Salsa link!
Welcome to my Salsa link!! Here I will have links, information, and hopefully some sounds! So enjoy...E-mail me with any comments or questions..Thanks!
The picture above are Tito Puente Timbales, much better than my matatdor timbales!!

Latin Links!!

The BEST latin music site around!
Latino link
A good place for people, politics, and education.
Musica Latina
Best place for Real Audio Salsa Clips.
RMM Records
Here you will find info on all the new and upcoming salsa stars.
Do you need to ask??

Salsa Clips

I Like it(like that): The Blackout All-Stars
Isla Del Encanto: Fania All Stars
Te Propongo (tidbit): Gilberto Santa Rosa
Nadie Como Ella: Marc Anthony
El Gran Varon: Willie Colon
Te Conozco: Willie Colon
Usted Abuso: Willie Colon